We are biotechnology enthusiasts who believe that the future of biotechnology is the future of the world. We also believe that any information that can be impactful in making the world a better place, should be discussed and shared freely. Thus, we decided to curate information available on the internet from blogs, Twitter feeds, news websites, TED and certain open source academic sites and use it as inspiration towards our own content. We do not claim ownership of content that is not originally ours but will be writing our own pieces on themes and concepts within biotech that are of special interest to us.

Our aim is to make biotech accessible to everyone by simplifying and summarising ideas and concepts from various sources  and making them easy reads. Our focus will be more on the innovative aspects of the field such as genetic engineering, synthetic biology, tissue engineering, 3D Bio-printing, Biomedical Discoveries, breakthroughs in research and unique applications of biotech. We would like to shift the focus from inorganic technologies to organic technologies and create a buzz around what we believe should be on everyone’s mind – Biotechnology.

Our main agenda will be problem-solving. We would like to initiate discussions and debates on how today’s problems can be solved through the use of novel tools and techniques in biotech. Inspired by initiatives like iGEM, DIY bio, hackerspaces and others, we hope to bring together a community of biotech experts and novices to contribute ideas and opinions to every cause.

By covering the activities of novel startups, groundbreaking research and latest trends in the field, we will shed some light on all the ways in which biotech is the coolest thing that could happen to humanity. We hope that with the right representation of biotechnology and its applications, we can make everyone interested and aware of the potential it holds and hopefully dispel myths and stigmas. The idea that biology is actually the highest level of technology is what we would like to propagate by bridging the gap between the “experts” and those who are new to the field.

The People :

Soheila Jalali earned her BSc. Biotechnology degree from University College London (UCL) in 2014 and also participated in the iGEM competition that year. She moved back to India (Mumbai) and now works at a healthcare startup. She knew she wanted to be a biotechnologist since she was 14. She believes that she can save the world someday through the use of biotechnology, specifically agricultural biotech.

Sujeet Mishra is a Bangalore-based entrepreneur who co-founded an incubator company for early-stage startups. He graduated in 2010 from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad with a BTech degree in Electronics and Communications. His passion for biotech stemmed from his drive to live longer and achieve more. He’s most passionate about solving the ageing problem.